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The interactive maps and apps below are part of an ongoing inter-governmental collaborative project to deliver interactive GIS applications that: (1) provide essential geographic data access to staff, government officials, and the community, (2) reduce redundancy of effort and equipment via a single platform that is jointly upgraded and; (3) minimize the time and cost of development and maintenance for each agency.
Property image

Property Viewer

View location, type, size, school district and assessment info Countywide.

Pollling station Image

Board of Elections Map

Find your polling place, district info and elected represenatives.

Highway contruction image

Highway Projects 

2017 roads and bridges projects journal from Tompkins County Highway Department.

Female student image

School District Finder

View property tax based school district and associated links countywide.

Senior home image

Housing for Seniors

View, select and get information on housing options for seniors.

Camping Tent image

Summer Camp Guide

View summer camps by age group and get info companion site here.

Field with hay image

Natural Resources

View agricultural, sensitive areas and land use and land cover info.

Home flooding image

Is Your Property in a flood zone?

Search for your property and find out if it is in a 100 year or 500 year flood zone areas.

Scenic image

Scenic Res. Story Map

View countywide distinctive, noteworthy, and characteristic views (pretty pictures).

Taughannock Falls image

Scenic Resources Map

View countywide distinctive, noteworthy, and characteristic views on a map (see companion guide).


Parcel Viewer Simple

Type in an address or Parcel ID (Printkey) and view basic parcel information.

Library image

Facility Locator

View and get directions to Tompkins County facilities and departments.

Guy on Cellphone Image

Broadband Areas

Residential and Businesses underserved by broadband as well as current coverage areas.

Water image

Environmental Health

All sites you make with Mobirise are mobile-friendly. You don't have to create a special mobile version of your site.

2016-2017 Property Sales

Property Sales 

Search and view property sale information for the 2015-2016 tax year as well as get property attributes.

City of Ithaca Residential Guide

City Resident Guide

Enter an address and view and print a report of available city services.

Cemetery image

City Cemetery Records

Properties of grave interests pick a plot view name, plot location, and year deceased.

Cherry blossom image

City Blooms

City of Ithaca tree inventory , blooming trees (in Spring), public gardens, etc.

Medication image

Unused Medication Drop-Offs

Places in Tompkins County to drop off unused medications no questions asked...

Building image

Building Years

Buildings in Tompkins County shaded by the year they were built where data is available.

City property image

City Mobile Viewer

View City of ithaca properties, parking, service routes, zoning and other districts.

Firefighter image

Fire District Lookup

Enter an address, click on the map or type a place and get the Fire protection district.

Painted bridge image

Highway Projects dashboard

View dashboard of completed road and bridge projects for the County highway Department for 2017.

Road maintenance image

Road Maintenance Lookup

Enter a road name in the search box, select to zoom and get info on who maintains the road.


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County ITS
County GIS
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Open Data Portal

Search for data from various categories and download for free via the Tompkins County Open Data Portal.