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Current Reported Offender Details:
Offender ID 17951 Sex male Offender mugshot: click for a printable image.
Last Name


Race black
First Name Wilson Height 6'2"
Middle Name Weight 275
Aliases Will Haynes Hair Black
Date of Birth 10/3/1980 Eyes Brown
Risk Level 3 Corr. Lens
Reported Address:

138 Honness Lane #3

City Ithaca State New York Zip Code 14850
Sex Offender Type :
Predicate Sex Offender
Other Address Info or Status:
Crime of Conviction:Non-NYS Felony conviction-Maryland Department of Public Safety Tompkins County Probation until 12/22/2011  
Date Arrest Agency Supervising Agency Victim Sex/Age:
Conviction Charges:
Title Section SubSection Class Category Degree Description
One year local jail  

Maximum Expiration Date/post Release Supervision Date of Sentence:

The legal dates posted on this site are the dates which were reported at the time of registration and are subject to change. The conditions of supervision are subject to change during the supervision period. The special conditions of release do not apply past the maximum expiration date of sentence because the offender is no longer under supervision by the listed supervising agency for this crime.
12/22/2011 12:00:00 AM
Scars, Marks, Tattoos:
Employer Info:
Employment Status Street City State Zip
College Employment/Attendence Info:
Employed/Attending Name Street City State Zip
Make/Model Licence Plate Number Year Color Distinguishing Marks, dents
Special Conditions:
Comply with New York State Sex Offender Registration Act